Nikol Weber — technical yarns and twines
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Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH offers supply double-wound support-coils as industrial cables

supply double-wound support-coils

Our programme of industrial cables has been extended: Now we can also supply double-wound support-coils.

Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH offers conveyor-belts for all the most popular machine-loops

conveyor-belts for machine-loops

With immediate effect we can offer conveyor-belts for all the most popular machine-loops.

Sternkopf – Nikol Weber: handicraft tapes, seal tapes, fastening yarns for meat packaging

Sternkopf – Nikol Weber

Nikol Weber is pleased to inform you that our product offer has been extended by all qualities as previously supplied by Sternkopf company such as:

  • handicraft tapes
  • seal tapes
  • fastening yarns for meat packaging

In case of any questions please contact us directly.
We would be delighted to obtain your enquiries.

tee bag thread – Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH has completed our Portfolio and improved qualities

tee bag thread

We do have completed our Portfolio and improved qualities:
For our customers, those who are packing Pyramide bags, we are able to offer a non droping quality in Polypropylene and Polylactide. The specifications are PLA Nm40/8 and Nm40/6, as well as PP Nm40/8.

Nikol Weber HACCP Certificate

Nikol Weber HACCP Certificate

Since 2013 our quality management has been certified as HACCP.


Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH &mdash twisting mill, technical yarns and twines

Technical yarns and twines

Nikol Weber offers tying strings for sausage rings or plaited twine, tea bag threads, cable yarn for pile threads, packaging pull threads, binder tape or security threads, as well as lacing cords in a range of shrink versions.

Packing threads, like industrial threads, drawstrings, label threads or sealant threads as well as sack threads or mop threads also belong to the range of technical yarns and twines.

Nikol Weber to-order twining offers single and multiple twists, on your specification. All technical yarns and twines, on conical and cylindrical bobbins, are available in several sizes, natural white or coloured.


Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH &mdash technical opportunities

Technical opportunities

The state-of-the-art machine pool of Nikol Weber includes ring twisting machines and double-thread twisting machines for a range of cylindrical and conical spools.

At TFH dye works in Helmbrechts we dye all standard fabrics and blends of them.

Using special processes, we can print yarns with up to eight colours.

At Nikol Weber, we offer yarns and twines from both natural and synthetic materials, in continuous filaments or as fibres.


Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH &mdash yarn trading

Yarn trading

Nikol Weber offers fibre yarn from cotton, viscose, polyester, yarn blends or polypropylene, as well as filament yarn from polyester, polyamide, polypropylene or viscose.

Further yarns and quality levels on request. We will also dye your yarn any colour.


Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH &mdash dye works

dye works

Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH’s TFH dye works is your yarn services expert.

We offer dyeing services for all standard fabrics such as rayon, cotton, polyster, polyacrylic, wool, and blends of these materials.

Our cross-wound bobbin dyeworks offers the following treatments: cotton lubricants, hydrophobing agents, antibacterial and flame-resistant applications for wool.


Zwirnerei Nikol Weber GmbH &mdash soft furnishings

soft furnishings

The collection of Nikol Weber Heimtex includes around 100 rolls with more than 900 product options.

With over 800 samples, we can provide high availability to the specialist retail sector, offering a full range from low-price uni-voile through to premium, full-length burn-out.

Nikol Weber Heimtex has the variety customers want.