bag sewing thread / Nikol Weber twisting mill
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Nikol Weber offers technical yarns and twines as sack threads

bag sewing thread

Our Special bag sewing yarn for your hand held portable sewing machine or stationary sewing system guarantees highest efficiency for closing paper bags, plastic bags and nets.

Accordingly to your individual request, we can provide dry or oiled bag sewing threads or bag sewing twines with different yarn titers like following:

  • polyester and there blends with cotton or viscose are mostly on stock, with a variation of the yarn thickness
  • bag sealing sewing thread

Specially manufactured thread for either hand-held stitchers or stationary industrial sewing machines. Polyester, as well as blends with cotton or viscose come in a variation of yarn thickness and are mostly in stock.

All our qualities can be supplied either in dry or in oiled finish with the oil-treated version avoiding overheating during high-speed continuous sewing.

This synthetic thread (100% Polyester) is 30% stronger than cotton and provides the strength and highest efficiency for sealing paper and plastic bags, as well as nets.

Qualities available: